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Himalayan is an online market for Nepalese handicrafts bringing you a pleasant online shopping experience with; carefully selected Nepalese handicrafts, speed delivery, easy-to-navigate, unbiased web site reviews, and highlighted time and money-saving deals.

Himalayan Mart select and place products carefully to give you a large selection of Nepalese Handicrafts with competitive and affordable prices. Here you will find unique Nepalese handicrafts: all kinds of thanka / thangka, khukuri, pashmina shawl, cashmere shawl, cashmere silk carpet, buddhist ritual item, Neapalese silver jewellery, wooden sculpture, stone sculpture, Nepali musical instrument, Nepalese herbal product, pashmina product, herbal tea, aromatic herb, singing bowl, Tibetan carpet, himalayan book, nepalese doll / puppert / mask, prayer whell, gifts, tibetan artificates, cashmere wooden product, sentiments as well as intoxicating travel journey packages to the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. We have wholesale option too so that any body who wish to order in bulk can order. We are working to improve himalayan mart . com, and make it great shopping destination for all your online shopping needs because we strive to satisfy and delight our customers.

Turquoise Statues
6.5 Turquoise Lokeshvara Statue
Product # : HM-2957
Lokeshvara is one who refuses to accept Nirvana since he considers such acceptance selfish in view of the ignorance of the great majority of the people who have not yet attained that stage.
Price: US$ 91.84
In Stock: Yes
2 Sleeping Buddha Turquoise Statue
Product # : HM-3167
This wonderful turquoise statue is beautifully carved all over the body which makes it a perfect decoration piece from 360 degree.
Price: US$ 36.73
In Stock: Yes
Agate Gemstone Necklace
Product # : HM-4611
Black & White Agate Gemstone Necklace
Price: US$ 21.75
In Stock: Yes
Tiger's Eye Gemstone Necklace
Product # : HM-4616
Tiger's Eye Gemstone Necklace
Price: US$ 21.75
In Stock: Yes
Nepalese Dolls/Puppets/Masks
The Four Face Puppet - 13"
Product # : HM-230
This four face puppet has the face of Ganesh, Kumari, Bhairab and Kaali and are widely worshiped in Nepal and India.
Price: US$ 27.55
In Stock: Yes
The Shiva - 22"
Product # : HM-229
This is Shiva Puppet and is worshiped in wide community of Nepal and India of Hindu relegion.
Price: US$ 31.63
In Stock: Yes
Statues - Stone
6" Kubera Stone Statue
Product # : HM-343
This wonderful stone statue is beautifully carved and is a perfect decoration piece.
Price: US$ 122.45
In Stock: Yes
13" Tara Stone Statue
Product # : HM-350
The Goddess Tara is the female personification of compassion. Born of a tear from the eye of Avalokiteshwara...
Price: US$ 244.9
In Stock: Yes
Silver Jewelries
Coil Silver Ring
Product # : HM-1158
This Coil Silver Ring shines with endearing beauty.
Price: US$ 10.98
In Stock: Yes
The D Big Filligiree Silver Bracelet
Product # : HM-1100
This D Big Filligiree Silver Bracelet is simple yet beautiful silver bracelet.
Price: US$ 100
In Stock: Yes
26 x 20 Sakyamuni Buddha Thanka
Product # : HM-1409
Shakyamuni Buddha was born about 2549 years ago in what is now Nepal. He was known as Siddhartha Gautama, a prince and son of King Suddhodana and Queen Mayadevi.
Price: US$ 428.57
In Stock: Yes
22.5 x 16.5 White Tara Tibetan Thanka Painting
Product # : HM-3580
Goddess White Tara is also called Sapta Lochani because she has seven eyes. The Goddess White Tara is the female personification of compassion.
Price: US$ 326.53
In Stock: Yes
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