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13" Shakyamuni Buddha Stone Statue
Product #: HM-332
This wonderful stone statue is beautifully carved and is a perfect decoration piece.
Price : US$ 244.9
Weight : 5000 gms
In Stock : Yes
Product Info
Buddha Statues represent the “enlightened one”, the idol of the Buddhist religion. They are a symbol of Buddhism’s founder, Siddhartha Gautama, who preached that to attain Nirvana, a state without suffering; one must eliminate all craving from their life. This can only be done by pursuing the eightfold path.

The primary role of Buddha statues is to convey the calm feelings that reflect ones proper mental discipline as having the control over the negative emotions of fear and greed. However, Buddha statues also serve an important role in conveying teachings, particularly in traditional societies with low literacy rates.

Shakyamuni is the historical Buddha who lived 2,500 years ago. He was an ordinary human being who, through dedication and unwavering effort, awakened to his Buddha nature.

Shown here in the traditional vajra posture. With left hand holding bowl and with right hand in the mudra “touching the earth” have the fingers of the right hand resting lightly on the fingers of the left as they lay in the lap of Buddha. Who what he did after attaining enlightment under the Bodhi tree. The legs are croseed in what is called the Lotus Position. The left foot is placed on the right thigh and the right foot is placed on the left thigh. Buddha sits on a pedestal in the form of a lotus blossom. The lotus represents the Buddha Mind because, though growing in mire, it puts forth beautiful, immaculate flowers.

This wonderful stone statue is beautifully carved and is a perfect decoration piece.

Material used: Stone.

Size of the Statue:

height: 13”

width: 8.5”

weight: This excellent piece of Shakyamuni Buddha stone statue weighs 5000 gm. (approx).

• A wonderful decoration piece.

• Superb arts hand crafted by the Shilpakars who have been in this business for generations.

Crafted by: This wonderful piece of decoration material is hand crafted in traditional style by the expert craftsman known as Shilpakar in Nepal, who have been in this business for generations.

Availability: This product is normally shipped within the next business days through DHL.

We also accept special design from you regarding to stone statues. If you have your own design please refer our “Order By Demand” section for detail or call us at 977-1-5547819 or Fax us at 977-1-5545657 or mail us at
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