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Cashmere Products >> Kashmiri Silk Carpets - 2 Ft. x 3 Ft.
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Kashmiri Silk Carpet - 2 ft. x 3 ft.
Product #: HM-1790
Has 25 knots x 25 knots per square inch which makes unbelievably soft, smooth, superfine and superb quality Cashmere Silk Carpet.
Price : US$ 1077.55
Weight : 0 gms
In Stock : No
Product Info
There are numerous hand knotted woolen carpet producing centers in India but traditional hand knotted silk carpets in India can only be found in Kashmir. The origins of the traditional silk carpets of Kashmir can be traced back to the Mughal period. Since these silk carpets are made in Kashmir therefore these silk carpets are known as Cashmere Silk Carpets or Cashmere Silk Rugs. These Cashmere Silk Carpets are very expensive due to their being labor intensive and it takes a couple of months to create these silk carpets. The process of creating a hand knotted silk carpet is lengthy and a lot of preparation has to be made by the craftsman before weaving the carpet. The yarn used to determines the type of the carpet to be created. Woolen carpets are always created on a cotton base with woolen yarn. Silk yarn is sometimes used in woolen carpets as highlights on certain designs and motifs. On the other hand silk carpets are those carpets, which are created on a silk pile. Silk carpets are also created on a cotton or woolen pile. Generally silk carpets are made up of 80% of silk yarn and 20% of cotton yarn. These carpets have more than 400 knots per square inch. 100% pure silk carpets have very high knottage per inch. The knots per square inch of such carpet can range between 400 to 1600 knots per square inch. This high percentage of knottage insures the life and durability of these carpets. The craftsmen in Kashmir follow the traditional Persian/Islamic designs of Kirman, Kashan, Isfahan, Herat, etc. Though there is a strong Persian influence in Kashmiri carpets, yet one can also see local variations.

The most recurring motif that is found on silk carpets from Kashmir is the depiction of the tree of life, in all its glory. The natural beauty of Kashmir and its picturesque views have inspired the carpet weavers. Other popular themes are: hunting, scenes, bird and animals motifs and historic themes. These carpets come in a variety of colors and designs. Carpets from Kashmir are subtle in comparison with the carpets produced from other parts of the country. It is because carpets made in Kashmir are made with yarn dyed with mineral colors, as vegetable dyes are not used at all. Hues of red, blue and yellow color are mainly used.

Silk Carpets from Kashmir are not only known for their highly intricate decorations and patterns but also for their durability and subtle colors. Woolen carpets generally have a cotton base and silk yarn is also used with woolen yarn to highlight important motifs. These carpets use yarn dyed with mineral colors. Kashmiri carpets have a higher number of knots per square inch, which increase the durability of these carpets. The popularity of handmade tufted woolen carpets is increasing by the day. These carpets are made with the aid of tufting guns. A fabric of good quality is used and the desired number of stitches is applied to create carpets having myriad patterns and colors.

This Cashmere Silk Carpet has 25’ x 25’ (25 knots x 25 knots) per square inch. It means that it has 625 knots per square inch. These Cashmere Silk floor rugs are so beautiful that they are also used as wall hangings for decorations.

Material used: 100% Silk

Origin: Kashmir, India.

Size of the Carpet:

length: 3 ft.

breadth: 2 ft.

Main sizes in inches, 1 inch tolerance allowed.

weight: This wonderful Cashmere Silk Carpet weighs 2500 gm (approx.)

• An excellent decoration piece.
• Entirely hand knotted.
• Superb Cashmere Rug with 625 knots per square inch.
• Can be used for both floor and wall.
• So soft and smooth.

Knitted: This Cashmere Silk Carpet is knitted by the experienced carpet knitters of Kashmir.

Easy Tips for Cashmere Silk Carpet Care
Most stores would recommend or even request professional dry clean when it comes to clean your cashmere garments, but actually this is not the best way. Thinking of the way you care your own hair, this also applies to your Cashmere Silk Carpets, because they are all Natural fibers.

Please note the actual fabric colors of this Cashmere Silk Carpet may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and make. The color shown is as close as possible to the actual colors of the carpet.

Availability: This Cashmere Silk Carpet is normally shipped within 6 to 7 business days through DHL.

We also have wholesale option if you want this Cashmere Silk Carpet in bulk. Please refer our "Wholesale Buyers" or “Order By Demand” section for detail or call us at 977-1-5547819 or Fax us at 977-1-5545657 or mail us at
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