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Dhyani Buddhas Statues or Panch Buddhas Statues
Dhyani Buddhas Statues are also called Panch Buddhas Statues in Kathamndu. These Dhyani Buddhas are not seperate gods. They are just abstract aspects of Buddhahood. These Dhyani or Panch Buddhas are so popular in Nepal that they are found in every stupa, thousand of Chaityas (small stupas), in courtyards, and found painted in main entrance of the Buddhist house and The five Dhyani or Panch Buddhas are also often found on the crown on the head of tantric Buddhas We offer you one of the largest selection of Dhyani Buddhas or Panch Buddhas Statues on web. All these Dhyani Buddhas or Panch Buddhas Statues are crafted by internationally acclaimed master artisan from Nepal using the traditional Lost Wax Process.
Dhyani Buddhas or Panch Buddhas are emanated from Adibuddha and also called Tathagata. They are five buddhas always shown seated in the position of meditation. Of the five Dhyani Buddhas the senior is Vairochana who occupies center of the Mandala. In the Chaityas only four other Dhyani Buddhas the senior is Vairochana Buddha who occupies center of the mandala & Other four Dhyani Buddhas Akshobhya Buddha in the east, Ratna Sambhav Buddha in the South, Amitabha in the West and Amoghsidhi Buddha in the north are depicted.
Dhyani or Panch Buddhas statues below are some of the ones we saw fit to add to our collection. Here you can quicly and easily browse a variety of Dhyani or Panch Buddhas Statues for online Sale. Beside online sale we also accept special request ( any design, size and quantity ) of Dhyani or Panch Buddhas Statues- Please Contact Us for detail.
Vairochana Buddha Statue   8" Vairochana Buddha Statue
This beautiful Vairochana Buddha Statue is all hand crafted. Featuring buddha in a peaceful meditaion. Casted with copper alloy with 24 K half gold repouse.
Price: US $ 120
Vairochana Buddha Statue Buddha Statue Catalog
Ratna Sambhava Buddha Statue   8" Ratna Sambhava Buddha Statue
This is Ratna Sambhava Buddha Statue seated in a peaceful meditation. Beautifully casted with copper alloy with 24 K half gold reposuse by master artisian form Patan Nepal.
Price: US $ 120
Ratna Sambhava Buddha Buddha Statue Catalog
Amoghshiddhi Buddha   8" Amoghshiddhi Buddha Statue
This wonderful Amoghshiddhi Buddha Statue casted by the experienced artists of Patan , Nepal. This breathtaking Amoghsiddhi Buddha Statue is perfect for your meditaiton room.
Price: US $ 120
Amoghshiddhi Buddha Buddha Statue Catalog
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