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Maitreya Buddha Statues : Future Buddha Buddhahood
Maitreya Buddha Statues represents future buddha including the future buddhahood of all beings. Maitreya Buddha Statues may be represented as a standing figure adorned with rich ornaments and holding in his right hand the stalk of a lotus. Maitreya may also be represented seated as a Buddha, with legs either interlocked or dangling down. All our Maitreya Buddha Statues are casted by copper and bronze and crafted by skillful artisan of Patan, Nepal.
Maitreya Buddha is a future Buddha who is expected to cam to earth from Tushita Heaven. Maitreya, whose name means "loving - kindness" or "Friend". He is supposed to be passing the life of a Bodhistwa in the Tushita Heaven.where He contemplates skillfull means to benefit beings and awaits the proper time to be reborn into our world. It is said that he will come to earth full 4000 years after the disappearance of Gautam Buddha for the deliverance of all sentient beings.
Best collection of Maitreya Buddha Statues on web. Here you can quicky and easily browse a variety of Maitreya Buddha Statues for online Sale. Beside online sale we also accept special request ( any design, size and quantity ) of Maitreya Buddha Statues - Please Contact Us for detail.
  10" Maitreya Buddha Statue
Decorated with rich ornaments and holding in his right hand the stalk of a lotus. This beautiful Maitreya Buddha Statues is casted with copper alloy and fully repousse with 24 K full gold.
Price: US $ 216.67
Maitreya Buddha Buddha Statues
  9.5" Maitreya Buddha Statue
Beautiful future Buddha and buddhahood of all beings, this Maitrey Buddha Statues and made of copper alloy with 24 K full gold repousse.
Price: US $ 266.67
Maitreya  Buddha Buddha Statues
  15" Maitreya Buddha Statue
Arrayed in rich ornaments and holding stalk of a lotus in his right hand and represented in standing figures. Casted with copper alloy and 24 K full gold repousse. Crafted by artist form Patan, Nepal.
Price: US $ 773.33
Maitreya  Buddha Buddha Statues
  9" Maitreya Buddha Statue
Our beautiful Maitreya Buddha Statue casted with oxidized copper alloy. Represent as seated buddha with legs dangling down adorned with rich ornaments.
Price: US $ 140
Maitreya  Buddha Buddha Statues
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