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Offering Bowls : Offering Bowls Widely Used Ritual Items in Buddhist Community

A set of seven offering bowls may be placed on one's shrine and filled with water daily as a way of accumulating virtue and merit. This is also effective means of cultivating generosity, as water can be given freely without clinging. Alternatively, the bowls can be filled with a variety of substances and objects that symbolize the traditional offerings of drinking and washing water, flowers, incense, light, perfume, food, and music. One visualizes each of the substances expanding infinitely throughtout space as an offering to one's object of refuge.

The seven offering bowls are not simply bowls are also powerful reminders of the seven aspest of Buddha as well as the ways we request his guidance through prayer, confession, prostrating ourselves and celebrating the positive qualities of all things. What we place in the bowls is equally important as each offering has meaning. Traditionally, the offerings were: cool water to drink, symbolizing the eight merits and auspiciousness; pure water, symbolizing purity of body; flowers or plants for the pleasure of Buddha's eyes, symbolizing generosity; incense, symbolizing discipline; a butter lamp, symbolizing wisdom because ignorance is darkness and wisdom is brightness; a fragrance, symbolizing devotion; and fruits or sweets, which express gratitude and can lead to the trance state of samadhi. Often, to prevent against feelings of greed or self - importance that could destroy virtue, the seven offering bowls are simply filled water.


According to Vajrayana teachings, each person has the potential to reach the enlightenment of Buddha. One way in which we may assimilate the ideals of Buddhism is through the rituals of meditation and transformation inspired by offering daily gifts at a personal alter. Each morning, seven copper or brass or silver bowls on the altar are filled with water or substances atha appeal to the senses in the practice of giving. The offering is made each morning, and removed and recycled at sunset.

It is the act of offering and not the offerings themselves that focus the mind on the teachings of Buddha, and free you from worldly concerns and delusions of grandeur. Though there is simplicity in giving the gift, the gesture is powerful and helps strenghten the mind. As you fill the bowls each morning, you're reaffirming the dedication of your body and mind to the cultivation of goodness and wisdom in the world.


We offer varieties of Offering Bowls in different designs and price range. Offering Bowls we offer are of great quality at reasonable price. The Offering Bowls we offer are beautifully decorated with with smooth finishing which looks extremely beautiful. Though simple yet great Offering Bowls at reasonable price are available in our stock. The Offering Bowls are monastic ritual standard, made from copper or brass or silver or rosewood with some with beautiful hand carving designs and some with simple and plain design. All our Offering Bowls are tested for their quality and finishing. Our Offering Bowls are shipped within 12 hours of order received through DHL and reached to the customer within 5 to 6 business days after it is shipped. We also offer Offering Bowls Wholesale Option. Please Contact Us for detail.

These beatutiful Offering Bowls are made from copper and has extremely fine hand carvings whch makes it more beautiful.
Nama : Copper Offering Bowls Weight : 450 grams
Material : Sandalwood, Leather, Silk Price : US $ 91.67
Diameter: 4"
These beautiful silver Offering Bowls are made from pure silver and has extremely fine hand carvings which makes it look more beautiful. These silver Offering Bowls are not only used for Offering water to god but these can be used as decorative items as well.
Nama : Silver Offeing Bowls Weight : 400 grams
Material : Sandalwood, Leather, Silk Price :
Diameter: 4"
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