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thanka or thangka

Acala is one of the wrathful deities of the direction in the north-east corner. Acala is blue in colour and has three faces blue, white and red. Acala holds a vajra and a jewel and a lotus. His two principal hands hold his Prajna in embrace. In the Nepalese Vajrayana Buddhist tradition an initiation of Acala alias Candamaharosana is essential for becoming a Buddhist priest. In Sadhanamala he is described as having one face, two arms and is squint-eyed. He looks ferocious with fangs. He wears a jewelled crown and a garland of severed heads. He carries a sword in his right hand and a noose in the left. His sacred thread is of white snake. He is clad in tiger skin and bears an effigy of Akshobhya on his crown. This Protector deity is always depicted in father-mother aspect and is never to be displayed in public.

A special tantra dedicated to Acala can be found in original sanskrit text. His sadhana is to be performed always in secret and is to be practised only by those who are initiated.

It is said that through his sadhana and worship, Acala will help the practitioner to eliminate disaster of drought, flood and to subdue thieves and enemies.

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