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thanka or thangka

Akshobhya Buddha is also one of the five Tathagatas symbolizing Mirror like Wisdom (skt. darsa jnana) which means the wisdom like space, all pervasive, without periphery and without character-istics. Akshobhya Buddha is the essence of purified form of Hatred. As in a mirror every visible object reflects so the knowledge of dharma-kaya reflects in our mind. The image of Akshobhya Buddha is generally placed in the East in the stupa.

Akshobhya Buddha is blue in color. Akshobhya Buddha exhibits Earth-touching gesture (skt. bhumisparsa mudra). Akshobhya Buddha rides on the throne of an elephant symbolizing steadfast nature of his bodhisattva vows. In the past when he was a bodhisattva he made these strong vows in front of Buddha Mahacakshu.

a) I now engender supreme bodhicitta. If I bear malice against sentient beings from now until my attainment of supreme enlightenment I will be disobeying all the Buddhas.

b) Now I have resolved to pursue All Knowing Wisdom and firmly dedicated to this goal. If I generate any doubt, intention to kill or steal, any wrong view or impure deed or if I am prone to lying, duplicity or harsh language or if I hurt other in other ways from now on until my attainment of supreme enlightenment, I will be deceiving Buddhas.

When he thus first brought forth bodhicitta, this bodhisattva-mahasattva was clad with the armour of vigor, and was never moved by hatred or the like toward any sentient being. Since then, because of his thought, the Bodhisattva was called Akshobhya the immovable of the land of Abhirati.

In other words, Akshobhya attained Buddhahood under the tree of seven jewels in the land of Abhirati i.e. wonderful joy in the east. Because of the power of his vows, there are no lower realms in his Buddha land. Every sentient being in his Buddha land does virtuous deeds and restrains from angry behaviours. According to the Ratnakuta Sutra, if one determines to practice the bodhisattva way of life, as he vows he will be reborn in that Abhirati Buddhaland. It is said that the famous Upasaka Vimalakirti is the person transformed from the land of Abhirati Buddhaland.

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