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thanka or thangka

Amoghsiddhi Buddha represents the purified from of jealosy.

Amoghsiddhi Buddha is the last among the Five Buddhas. Amogh Siddhi Buddha represents the All Accomplishing Wisdom (skt. Krityanusthan jnana). Amoghsiddhi Buddha also represents the purified form of jealosy. When one realizes All Accomplishing Wisdom one can perform all the Buddha activity without pre-meditation. This happens spontaneously.

Amoghsiddhi Buddha is green in colour. Amoghsiddhi Buddha is represented in the stupa facing to the north. Amoghsiddhi Buddha rides on Garuda symbolizing that he can detect the presence of serpent-like delusion from a distance. A serpent with seven hoods and an umbrella is depicted on the background. He exhibits abhayamudra showing that by following bodhisattva path fearlessness is gained.

Like Ratna Sambhava Buddha, the vows, activity and deeds of Amogh Siddhi Buddha are not extant in Mahayana Buddhist literature. It is however said that cultivators relying on this Buddha’s protection will achieve accomplishments in Buddhist affairs and worldly matters and will perfect the work benefitting sentient beings.

Amoghsiddhi Buddha alone has a canopy of snakes over his head. He sometimes resembles Shakyamuni Buddha with nine headed Naga king Mucalinda in paintings.According to tantric text, this Buddha is said to be originated from seed syllable green Kham. He is also said to be the embodiment of volition (skt. Sanskara) and Air element (skt. Vayu).

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