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thanka or thangka

Arapacana Manjushree embodies wisdom aspect of an enlightened mind. This is the ability to see into the true nature of reality of the persons and the phenomena. Arapacana Manjushree has the ability to discriminate correct views of reality as it is. In order to benefit the sentient beings he too, manifests in different forms. In this form of Manjushree, Arapacana Manjushree is single faced symbolizing his wisdom as non-dual. Arapacana Manjushree holds the flaming sword in his right hand to symbolize cutting off the root of the delusion which is the cause of suffering, ignorance, and of self grasping. He holds the scriptural text entitled ‘Perfection of wisdom’ which cuts off all delusions. Arapacana Manjushree sits in the Vajraparyanka attitude. Arapacana Manjushree is always accompanied by four companions, with few exceptions.

Arapacana Manjushree is invoked especially for increasing intelligence by reciting his mantra viz: Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih many times.

This form of Manjushree has a special relationship with Kathmandu valley because it was he who drained the water of Kathmandu valley to make it habitable land. According to Swayambhu legend it is said that he came to Kathmandu valley with his consorts Kesini and Upakesini. His two companions are said to be Jalinikumar and Chandraprabha Kumar who were bodhisattvas. As the water receded, the sacred hill of Swayambhu Stupa appeared. This was the contribution of great bodhisattva Manjushree Arapacana.

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