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Avalokeshvara Statues : Copper, Bronze, Brass, Silver, Stone Avalokeshvara Statues
Our Avalokeshvara Statues comes in the shape and size of every possible Buddhist deity. All our Avalokeshvara Statues are casted by copper, bronze, brass, silver, wood and stone crafted by skillful artisan of Patan, Nepal. Our fine line of Avalokeshvara Statues collection included 6" samll Avalokeshvara Statues to the large 48" Avalokeshvara Statues.

Avalokeshvara , the most important of the Bodhisattvas, leads us to realize that everything that has happened in our lives, whether directly or indirectly, is the result of our aspirations. Avalokeshvara enlightened compassion is depicted in the thousand arms and eyes manifestation, symbolic of his endless compassion to all sentient beings. Sitting on the spheres of sun and moon supported by a blossoming lotus, Avalokeshvara , the "Bodhisattva of great compassion," wears the silk robes and jeweled ornaments of a Bodhisattva, a celestial being who returns to the world to bring others to

the realm of enlightenment. Two hands hold against his heart a wish - fulfilling gem, a symbol of the mind's enlightened potential for great compassion. His other hands hold a crystal rosary and the lotus of transcendent wisdom. At the heart of the cosmos of compassion is the vision of the inseparability of all existence. Harm to others brings harm to oneself; kindness to others brings forth kindness; generosity induces wealth and abundance; miserliness creates inner poverty. The world reflects our level of consciousness. Free from the bonds of greed and aggression, one sees the world as a realm of illusions created out of hope and fear. The deities of the Buddhist pantheon transport us, not to some alternate reality, but into a deeper vision of the world of which we are an inseparable part.
We have large collection of Avalokeshvara Statues. Here you can quicky and easily browse a variety of Avalokeshvara Statues for online Sale. Beside online sale we also accept special request ( any design, size and quantity ) of Avalokeshvara Statues - Please Contact Us for detail.
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