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Bodhisattva Statues made of Copper, Bronze, Brass, Gold, Silver

Our Bodhisattva statues feature best details and high quality. We believe the quality of our copper Bodhisattva statues, bronze Bodhisattva Statues, brass Bodhisattva statues, silver Bodhisattva silver statues, gold Bodhisattva statues, stone Bodhisattva statues and wooden Bodhisattva statues will appeal to those interested in Buddhism and mediation. All our Buddhisattva Statues are crafts by Master artisan for Patan, Kathmandu Nepal. Patan being power house of Boddhisattva statues so all the Buddhisattva statues we offer are of extremely unbelievable price with high quality.

Buddha Statues

In Mahayana Buddhist tradition Bodhisattvas are said to be of two kinds. One is Adi-Karmika Bodhisattva who is is a beginner, who has not realized perfect enlightenment and is still a learner. Firstly he or she develops enlightenment thought for the benefit of sentient beings and wishes for perfect enlightenment. Secondly there is a Bodhisattva who realizes emptiness face to face and attains the first Bodhisattva level. He gradually progress till the tenth Bodhisattva level through the practice of six perfection and Mahamudra.

Some of them even after attaining the level of buddhahood, yet emanate forms and act like Bodhisattvas. As, for example, Buddhas like Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, Vajrapani and some other high ranking Bodhisattvas emanate numerous forms to tame the sentient beings in the manner of beginner Bodhisattvas. Shakyamuni Buddha himself took three incalculable aeons to complete his career as Bodhisattva. Those who have attained first level up to the tenth of Bodhisattva have enormous power to benefit others.

Eight high ranking Bodhisattvas who are no less than Shakyamuni Buddha himself in wisdom, compassion and powers, have been dealt with in the subsequent chapters. It is to be noted that Bodhisattvas who work for the benefit of senttient beings as male counterparts do.

Budhisattva statues are shown in various poses and forms .While Bodhisattva Statues come in a wide variety of poses. Bodhisattva statues can be found in different kinds of mudra and postures. Bodhisattva statues symbolize protection and peace in one's home or garden. Place Bodhisattva statues in central areas in your altar or office for daily inspirational and as an reminder of our own capacity to achieve the good life.

Below are the list of Bodhisattvas statues and Wrathful dieties we have in our collection:
Avalokiteshvara Statues Guru Padmasambhava Statues Dakini Statues
Green Tara Statues Guru Nagarjuna Statues Dzambhala Statues
White Tara Satatue Guru Naropa Statues Kalchakra Statues
Manjushri Statues Guru Tsongkhapa Statues Kalchakra with Consort Statues
Chenrezig Statues Guru Atisha Statues Hayagriva Statues
Aparmita Statues Guru Marpa Statues Chakrasamvara Statues
Amitayus Statues Guru Milarepa Hevajra Statues
Vajrasattva Statues Guru Shakya Pandit Statues Vajrayogini Statues
Samantabhadra Statues Hayagriva Statues Vajravarahi Statues
Samantabhadri Statues Karmapa Yamantaka Statues
Prajnaparmita Statues Guhyasamaja Statues Achala Statues
Padmapani Lokeshvara Statues Machig Labdron Statues Yama Statues
Namgyal Statues Achi Chokyi Drolma Statues Yamantaka Statues
Vasundhara Statues   Vajrakilaya Statues
Nagkanya Statues   Vajrapani Statues
21 Tara Statues   Akashjogini Statues
Mayadevi Statues   Book Mahankal Statues
Durgatiparisodhanaraja Buddha Statues   Safu Mahankal Statues
Vipashvi Buddha Statues   Dorjesambhava Statues
Sikhi Buddha Statues   Citipati Statues
Bishvabhu Buddha Statues   Mahakala Statues
Krakuchchanda Buddha Statues   Kurukulla Statues
Kanakamuni Buddha Statues   Jambala Statue
Kasyapa Buddha Statues   Red Tara Statue
Ekajati Statues   Ushnishavijaya Statue
Nam Tho Se Statues   Naropa Statue
Kurukulla Statues   Tilopa Statue
Vajradhara / Dorje Chang Statues   Marpa Statue
Ksitigarbha Statues   Nagarjuna Statue
Akashgarbha Statues   Palden Lamo Statue
Gaganganja Statues


Setrap Statue
Dipankara Buddha Statues   Kalachakra With Consort Statue
1000 Armed Chenrezig Statues   Rahula Statue
Four Armed Manjushri    
Khagarbha Statues    
Kanakamuni Buddha Statues    
Konagamana Buddha Statues    
Sarvanivarana Vishkambhin Statues    
Six Armed Tara Statues    
Ushinishavijaya Buddha Statues    
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