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In Buddhist tradition the Buddhas of three times is often mentioned. The Pali Buddhavamsa counts 24 Past Buddhas, including Dipamkara as the first. While in Mahayana Buddhist tradition the number of Buddhas increases much more. The Sarvastivada tradition counts 75000 Buddhas commencing with Shakyamuni and ends before Buddha Ratnasikhin during the First Asamkheya Kalpa. During the second Asamkheya Kalpa, 75,000 Buddhas from Buddha Ratnasikhin to Dipamkara and during the third Asamkheya 77,000 Buddhas from Dipamkara to Vipasyin Buddha.

Buddha Dipamkara is represented widely in Kathmandu valley. Especially in the month of the Gunla Festival many large sized images in bronze and copper are displayed in Nepal-ese Buddhist monasteries. In the Samyak festival Buddha Dipamkara is the chief deity to be displayed and worshipped.

Buddha Dipamkara is usually yellow in colour and exhibits abhayamudra and varada mudra with his two hands.

It is believed that Shakyamuni Buddha started his bodhisattva career after meeting with Buddha Dipamkara. When Buddha Dipamkara was visiting the city of Dipavati, a young brahman versed in vedic lore happened to pass by the city of Dipavati fully decorated with hanners and in festive mood to honor Buddha Dipamkara. He also happened to meet a young brahman girl with seven lotus flowers, going to honor Lord Dipamkara. Llearned Brahman Megha asked the lady to give him seven lotus flowers for 500 gold coins. But she refused and agreed to give him five flowers under the condition that she can become his wife until he attained enlightenment. After that Megha Brahman saw Buddha Dipamkara from a distance. Identifying himself with Buddha Dipamkara he made a strong vow that he will become a Buddha in future. Thrilled and inspired after seeing the Buddha he threw five lotus flowers in a prayer and the young girl who was to become Yasodhara also threw two flowers in the same manner. These seven lotus flowers formed a garland and floated in the air around the Buddha’s head in a miraculous way. Later on Buddha Dipamkara too, prophesied that he would be a Buddha Shakyamuni in future.

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