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In Vajrayana tradition all the Buddhas are called Gurus. However especially five transcendental Buddhas (skt. Pancabuddha) who represent the essence of five primordial defilements such as lust, hatred, delusion, pride and jealousy are mainly dealt with here. When one realizes the essence of these five delusions one achieves ‘five wisdom’. Essence of lust is symbolized by Buddha Amitabha and is known as discriminating wisdom. Essence of delusion (skt. moha) is symbolized by Buddha Vairocana and is known as all pervasive wisdom. Essence of anger is symbolized by Buddha Akshobhya and is called Mirror-like wisdom. Essence of pride is symbolized by Buddha Ratna Sambhava and is known as Wisdom of Equality. Eessence of jealousy is symbolized by Buddha Amoghsiddhi and is known as all accomplishing wisdom. Thus primordial purity of these five defilements which obscure our mind is represented by Pancabuddha.

These five Buddhas are not the subdivision of Buddha Shakyamuni nor do they have consorts and children of their own as some Buddhist scholars understand. These forms of Pancabuddha are in fact the metaphorical ways of expression of non-dual wisdom and skill in means. As previously mentioned they are Sambhogakaya Buddhas and can perform ceaseless activity for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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