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thanka or thangka

Cakrasamvara is the deity of Highest Yoga Tantra. Cakrasamvara is one of the most popular forms of Yidam deity among Nepalese Buddhists. Almost all the Shakyas and the Vajracharyas of Patan and Kathmandu regard Cakrasamvara as their tutelary deity or Yidam deity. Nepalese Buddhist Vajracharyas have the age old tradition of practice of Cakrasamvara, a highly developed
technique of contemplation to realize Clear light and emptiness aspect of the mind. A special tantra called Cakrasamvaramula tantra is dedicated to this Yidam deity. He has many forms. One of the popular form is described below:

Cakrasamvara in this form is deep blue in colour. Cakrasamvara has four faces. The front face is blue-black, right face is white, back face is yellow, his left face is red. Cakrasamvara is in ecstatic union with his consort Vajravarahi, red in colour. His front hands embrace his consorts with vajra and bell. His next right hands hold a damaru, a kartri, a trident and an axe. His next left hand holds a Khatvanga staff, a severed head of Brahma, a kapala and a lasso. With his back two hands he is lifting freshly flayed skin of an elephant. He wears a crown of skulls and a garland of fifty freshly severed heads and skulls. He also wears a tiger skin loin cloth. His front face with three eyes gazes at his consort.

His consort Vajravarahi is beautiful and bright red in colour. Her hair is black. She wears bracelets and anklets as well as ornaments in her girdle. Her right arm is thrown upward holding a Kartri and her left arms circled tightly around Samvara’s neck with her face posed upwards. Under her feet are the Samvara’s own emanations viz. red, four-armed Kalaratri and blue four-armed Bhairava.

Both the deities Samvara and Vajravarahi are Buddhas by their own right. Their union symbolizes that wisdom and compassion are indivisible in the enlightened state. The twelve arms of Samvara symbolize twelve links of dependent origination. His garland of fresh severed heads symbolize his victory over ego grasping and self cherishing attitudes.

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