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Cashmere Blanket

Cashmere blankets are produced in Kashmir. cashmere blanket, the very word evokes images of luxury, warmth and softness. The ultra-fine fiber from the undercoat of the Cashmere (or Kashmir) goat, is indeed a premium fiber - one that generally costs a good deal more than mere sheep's wool. cashmere blanket is known for its rich texture and design even to the ancient civilization of the Babylonians and Greeks.

Commonly used as boby wraps, there blankets may be made from different types of wool and com in variety of colors, weave, and embroidery work. The most famous amongst these cashmere blankets are the Shatoosh blanket and Pashmina blanket which are worn on special occasions.

The word blanket itself is said to be derived from the Persian "shal' which means a class of woven fibric blankets from Kashmir were very popural in Europe in the 18th and 19 th centuries particularly those with paisley patterns. The main differences between the cashmere blankets and their imitations were in weight and the method of weaving. Cashmere blankets were much lighter as they were made of fine standards of hair as opposed to wool or silk used by the Europeans.

Kashmir is famous all over the world for the beautiful hand-embroidered cashmere blankets that it produces. Basically a craft brought to India by the Muslim invaders; cashmere blanket embroidery is therefore strongly reflective of Persian motifs and styling. These cashmere blankets are made predominantly in the Srinagar area of Kashmir, and generally confined to the men of the family, though nowadays, women are also entering the trade of cashmere garments. These exquisite creations of cashmere blankets are hand-embroidered with hook (a knitting material) or a needle. The embroidery of cashmere blanket is clipped with shears to smoothness, and then treated with several brightening and protective chemical washes. The motifs are generally either floral or animals and birds. Cashmere blanket have a worldwide appeal for their classic embroidery styles. These cashmere blanket are so beautiful that they are largely demanded by the people all over the world.

There is nothing like cashmere blanket for making one feel comfortably in style what ever the season. We offer perfect cashmere blanket to keep you in style Whenever you want to feel and look your best, choose genuine quality and value which only the finest 100% pure cashmere can offer. Log on cashmere blankets online store. Buy cashmere blanket online through

Our collection encompasses the following qualities of cashmere blanket

  • made of 100% finest cashmere
  • 100% finest cashmere: delicate, light, yet very warm
    featuring Shahtoosh Type Fringe, but this is not a Shahtoosh
  • makes a perfect all-purpose wrap, a great gift for your loved ones

We have wide collection of cashmere blankets woven by the skillful weavers. The cashmere blankets shown are selected from our own collections. We also accept special request (design/color) of cashmere blanket s – please refer our “Wholesale Order” or “Order By Demand” section for detail or call us at 977-1-5547819 or Fax us at 977-1-5545657 or mail us at


cashmere blankets that are knitted can be hand washed using a natural, mild soap. Hand washing is better for a knitted cashmere blanket in the long run as chemicals used in dry cleaning are can be hard on cashmere blanket. cashmere blanket should always be dry cleaned as they could lose their body.Be sure to dissolve all cleaner thoroughly and then put the cashmere blanket into the water. After washing cashmere blanket, be sure to rinse until the water is clear. Then lay the cashmere blanket out flat away from heat and sun. Reshape side seams and sleeves if necessary, as some cashmere blanket will twist during washing. When dry, press with a damp cloth and cool iron. cashmere blanket should be washed after approximately 6-7 wearings to keep them looking their best. It is best to store cashmere blanket in either a cedar chest or plastic bags to keep clean and moth free. I personally hang moth cakes in my closets and cedar chest for extra protection and replace them monthly. Moths may also go after any food particles that may be on the cashmere blanket, so it is very important to keep your cashmere blanket clean. Pilling, ( the little balls that get on the cashmere blanket ) is a natural occurence on cashmere and wool. Not all cashmere blanket will pill, and some will pill more than others, being all natural fibers have their own chemistry that will differ from yarn to yarn. However, a quality cashmere blanket should not pill excessively. The pilling is usually caused by a friction of some sort;`such as a seat belt, purse strap, golf strap, or even synthetic linings of jackets. When pilling occurs, pull or carefully cut the pills off, breaking the connection. Then wash the cashmere blanket according to the above instructions. Here is the few more tips for taking care of cashmere blanket.

1. Always allow your antiperspirant or deodorant to completely dry before slipping into your cashmere blanket.

2. Never spritz yourself with perfume or cologne while wearing the cashmere blanket because it stains. Always spray or dab your perfume directly onto skin before dressing.

3. Before or after wearing, air fluff your cashmere blanket to freshen and remove impurities.

4. For added luxury and a heavenly scent, wrap a bar of your favorite French milled soap in a handkerchief and tuck it under your cashmere blanket.

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