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Dhritarastra is one of the four Great kings in the first heaven of this desire realm. Dhritarastra serves as the guardian in the East. Dhritarastra protects the land and living beings so he is called Heavenly Lord of maintaining the country (skt. Dhritarastra).

Dhritarastra is the lord of Gandharvas. He has 91 sons ready to protect the disciples of Lord Buddha. According to the Mahasanghata Sutra, Buddha Shakyamuni told Dhritarastra to protect the Buddha dharma in the four continents of Jambudvipa with utmost care. Following his instruction Dhritarastra promised to lead all retinues of Buddhist disciples to the east of Jambudvipa so that the true dharma might be diffused in the world forever. He lives in the city of Superior sage, magnificent and situated in the east of Sumeru mountain.

According to the Dharani Sutra, this king wears various kinds of celestial robes. He holds a vina with both his hands. Nepalese Buddhists generally know him by the name of Vinaraj and his image is seen in the east corner of the roof. He is depicted as white.

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