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Due to heavy poaching, Nepal has been facing exprem probem of endancered species.From 1950 to 1980 Nepal lost half of its forest cover to make room for its population that had doubled during the period. Today, less than 30% of the total land is covered by forests. Moreover, the practise of subsistence farming has put great pressure on the forest lands and wild animals. These, accompanied by the increasing problems of poaching have meant that several species of animals have become endangered in Nepal.

Tigers and leapards
Tigers and leopards are top most endangered species of Nepal and usually killed for their superb coats and bones. The bones are used in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine. There is a rising demand for tiger related goods. Tiger skins and bones are in strong demand. Poachers and smugglers have established a clever route by which tigers surface in the form of medicines and balms in Chinese markets as Chinese "medicine". Not a year goes by without stories of seizures of bones and skins by customs officials. But these seizures are only the tip of the iceberg and the poaching still continues.

Musk Deer
Musk deer are also endangered species of Nepal and they are hunted for musk, a powdery substance which the male musk deer secretes from a gland in the abdomen. This is a highly valued item for perfumes and medicines. Chinese use the musk as a folk medicine and believe it has aphrodisiac properties.

Himalayan Black Bear
The Himalayan Black Bear is also endangered species of Nepal. The animals are killed for their gall bladder, which provides the ingredients of one of the most coveted oriental medicines.

Other endangered species of Nepal include the one-horned Rhinoceros, the Wild Water Buffalo, Swamp Deer, Pygmy Hog, Wild Elephant, Hispid Hare, Wild Yak, Snow Leopard, Red Panda and the Gharial Crocodile.

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