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Guru Naropa lived in India about 900 years ago. Guru Naropa was a great learned man versed in Sutras, Tantras and many other ancient lores. During Guru Naropa stay in the famous Nalanda monastery his intellectual accomplishment was foremost and without any match. But Guru Naropa intellectual pride was humbled by an old lady who was an emanation of Vajrayogini. At that time, she also suggested him to consult Guru Tilopa for the real understanding of Mahamudra.

Guru Naropa searched for Guru Tilopa exerting much effort. His arduous search and devotion to Guru Tilopa has become a legend in itself. Naropa found Guru Tilopa by the bank of a river. He was dressed like a mad man and was eating fish which was unusual for a holy man. Guru Naropa underwent training under him for about twelve years and received the inner transmission of Mahamudra practice. Guru Naropa profound Mahamudra teachings was received by Guru Tilopa directly from Buddha Vajradhara. Guru Naropa is generally dressed in the white lower garments of a yogi. Guru Naropa body is of an ash colour like that of a wandering mendicant. Guru Naropa left hand holds a skull cup filled with nectar and his right hand shows varada mudra. Guru Naropa sits in Lalitasana posture under an antilope mat. Guru Naropa wears a meditation band on his waist.

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