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thanka or thangka

Hayagriva is one of the emanations of Bodhisattva Avaloki-teshvara. Hayagriva is also regarded as Yidam or Istadevata. Hayagriva has many forms often with three faces, six arms and four legs and sometimes with huge wings. He can be recognized by a small horse head surmounted on the top of his main terrific head. The horse head neighs very loudly and it is noted that the sound is said to pierce all the false appearance of inherent existence or substantial reality.

The Hayagriva’s terrific appearance is directed towards ego grasping and outer obstructions. His wrathfulness is said to be fierce compassion directed towards a self-cherishing attitude.

According to Sadhanamala, Hayagriva is red in colour. He is awesome and terrible in appearance with bare fangs. Hayagriva has three eyes and brown beard. He wears a garland of skulls with teeth and lips.Hayagriva is crowned with his Jata and a figure of Amitabha. His second face is that of a horse, which is blue in colour and neighs continuously. He tramples on the top of the world. He wears the snake ornaments. He is short and dwarfish and is clad in tiger skin. He threatens all the deities and asuras and holds the Vajra and staff in his two hands.

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