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Himalayan Herbs & Herbal Products or Medicinal Found In Nepal

Nepal is also famouse for Himalayan herbs and herbal products and medicinal herbs.Himalayan Region of Nepal is home to about 3500 species of herbs and aromatic plants. Many rare and endangered himalayan herbs are found in higher altitudes of Nepal hilly regions.Even rare himalayan herbs are commonn in higher evalutation. Most of these herbal plants grow naturally in its forests and meadows between altitudes of 225 ft to19,000 ft . Several hundreds of these himalayan herbs have been used for centuries as ayurvedic treatments, and are increasingly exported worldwide.This physical diversity of Nepal allows sub tropical, temperate and alpine vegetation to all flourish in this small country making it a good source for a big variety of natural biologicals. Many of these herbs and aromatic plants are very specific to the Himalayan Region and have high medicinal, culinary and cosmetic values. The quality of these natural herbal products from this Himalayan region is even reflected in the Vedas and other religious scriptures as the area where ancient sages and hermits sourced their herbal requirements from.



The use of medicinal herbs spices and natural oils have been a way of life for us Nepalese since ages. The abundance these himalayan herbs in Nepal to this day is a testimony of our harmonious relation with nature. Because these himalayan herbs are accepted for their medicinal values and becoming more widespread. These herbs have always been steady source for non farm income. The continuous export of these products to our traditional knowledgeable buyers in India and China since decades.Even tody, Nepalese herbs are in high demand, especially those, which are used in making traditional medicines.


Himalayan Mart are committed to provide high quality himalayan herbs in assoication with licened trader company i.e. House Of Himalayan Herbs and also educate our customers on Herbal and Ayurvedic medicines and its application benefits. These medicinal herbs rejuvenate your senses by eliminating the root cause of your trouble. They are effective against many diseases and psychological problems like depression, indigestion and gastric trouble, liver, anemia, cough and bronchitis, longevity, paralysis, cancerous ulcers and for general well being.

The range of medicinal himalayan herbs we offer is exhaustive. We are furnishing in this communication an exhaustive list of medicinal himalayan herbs of your interest, our experience in this business enables us to meet any requirement, sourcing most quality critical and rare herbs & other items. We don't sell all our herbal products online, We sell these himalayan herbs onbehalf of House of Himalayan Herbs. If you have any request and need information regarding Himalayan Herbs. Please let us know. The range of our medicinal himalayan herbs we provide are:

Aromatic Pillows Secent Your Life Star Sings
Meditation Pillows Aromatic Herbal Incenses
Travel Pillows & Eye Pillows. Aromatic Candles
Ayurvedic Pillows Himalayan Wild Cliff Honey
Cordyceps Sinesis or Yarchagumba Ginseng
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Beeable Singh Limbu
House Of Himalayan Herbs Pvt Ltd
Kathmandu Nepal
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