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thanka or thangka

Mahamantranusarini has three heads. Mahamantranusarini is green in colour. The heads are successively white, green and red. Mahamantranusarini has ten arms. With her two right hands she displays varada mudra and abhaya mudra while the other hands hold an arrow and a vajra. Two principal hands display vitarka mudra and the other two hands hold alms bowl. In her left hands she holds a bow, a jewel, a vase and a lasso. She wears a crown and is seated on a lotus throne. She wears all sorts of bodhisattva ornaments and garments appropriate for the Sambhogakaya aspect.

The characteristic feature of this deity is that she protects from illness of all types. The recitation of this dharani brings auspiciousness (skt. Svasti) to our family, society, country and the whole world. It drives away all the evil forces of non-human beings, asuras, ghosts, yakshas and brings peace and happiness through the power of truth contained in the Buddha’s teachings.

According to the Mahamantranusarini sutra, Lord Buddha disclosed this dharani to Venerable Ananda in the city of Rajagriha. Lord Buddha instructed Ananda to recite this dharani to the people of Vaisali where they were having disastrous events. Later the Buddha himself visited the city of Vaisali and uttered the dharani of Mahamantranusarini thereby pacifying all the calamities. Nepalese Buddhists recite this dharani sutra of auspiciousness during the marriage ceremony, ordination and other auspicious occasions or ceremonies.

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