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thanka or thangka

According to Sadhanamala Mahasitavati is six armed and has three faces. Mahasitavati is green in colour. In her right hands Mahasitavati holds a lotus with the gesture of fearlessness, the arrow, the sword and in her left hands she holds a jewel banner, a bow and a lasso or a noose. She is seated in the ardhaparyanka posture and wears a crown. She wears all the ornaments of a bodisattva and sits on a lotus throne.

The characteristic feature of this Mahasitavati deity is that she protects the beings from the evil effects of the planets, wild animals and poisonous insects.

According to the Mahasitavati Sutra, at one time Lord Buddha was dwelling at the cemetery of Sitavan in Rajagriha. At that time Venerable Rahula was troubled by many evil beings. Then Rahula went to see Lord Buddha and reported this incident with tears in his eyes. The Buddha then suggested to him to recite the dharani of Arya Sitavati for protection from all sorts of harmful influences from the evil deities, planets, yakshas, snakes, non-human beings, and others. It is said that the recitation of this dharani relieves all disasters and is protected by all powerful four great divine kings.

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