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Manjughosha Manjushree as described in Sadhanamala, is golden yellow in colour and rides on a lion. Manjughosha Manjushree is decked in all sorts of bodhisattva ornaments and his hands exhibit dharma-cakra mudra. Manjughosha Manjushree displays an utpala flower in his left hand and bears an image of Akshobhya on his crown. Manjughosha Manjushree is invoked by his popular mantra Om vagisvara Muh

Concerning his activities in Nepal a legend is befitting to cite here. There was an Upasaka called Buddhapala in the city of Pancala. He was very learned and had many disciples who learnt many orthodox sciences under him. Unfortunately his only son called Manjugarta had not been educated. He was too dull to learn most of the sciences Buddhapala taught to his disciples.
So he decided to send his son to Manjushree Caitya near Swayambhu hill to receive blessings from Manjushree. So he sent his son there along with some of his disciples with the necessary
instructions. On his way to Manjushree Caitya he came to a farm where sugar cane was cultivated. Young Manjugarta was enchanted with the place. He wanted to stay there for ever.

Instead of reciting Om Na Mo Vagisvaraya at the site of Manjushree Caitya he was busy testing and chewing succulent sugarcane. His friends suggested him if he was not interested to visit Manjushree he could recite his mantra from the same place where he was enjoying sugarcane. Accepting their proposal Manjugarta and his friends started reciting Om na mo vagisvaraya with devotion.Manjughosa instantly appeared in the sugarcane field with his divine form as we have described above. Even when Manjughosa appeared there this young Manjugarta was not interested to pay homage to him but through his friends suggestion he paid homage to Manjughosa. Later, Manjughosa blessed Manjugarta and predicted that he would be a master of all orthodox sciences. His ignorance was eliminated instantaneously with mere touch. Young Manjugarta later composed a hymn of praise to Manjughosa entitled ‘Manjuvajra Strotram’ which is still sung by the Nepalese devotees till today.

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