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thanka or thangka

Pandara is said to be the Prajna of Amitabha Buddha. Pandara is the same in essence with Buddha Amitabha. Pandara is the embodiment of the fire element and is thus red in colour. Pandara is also the embodiment of passion or lust; when transmuted it becomes wisdom of discriminating awareness.

In Vajrayana Buddhism unlike in lower vehicle it uses lust as a path to enlightenment. Whereas in lower vehicle i.e. Shravaka vehicle one refrains being lustful and practices renunciation
of all sorts of worldy desires and physical pleasures.

In Pancakara of Advayavajra Samgraha she is said to be originated from the seed syllable Pam. She is called Ragarati. Her recognition symbol is the lotus held in one of her hands. The guru mandala rite of Nepalese Buddhists make frequent mention of five Buddhas and their Prajnas and Nepalese Vajra-charyas worship them frequently.

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