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 About Pashmina
Pashmina is the Cashmere wool of the highest grade. Pashmina is the name given to the wool shorn from the underbelly of goats indigenous to remote and frigid Himalayan regions of Tibet and Central Asia at a height of 12,000 to 14,000 feet or more, a desolate place with little vegetation and extremely cold conditions. Hence, Nature blessed these animals with a very short inner coat of hair, which has been found tos be the best natural insulation in the world. The inner coat of hair is called pashmina. In fact, the "Pashm", which is Persian word, means "wool", refers to the underfur of certain Tibetan animals, particularly goats. A human hair is about 75 microns thick. Pashmina fibers imported from Mongolia and Tibet are 12 - 14 microns thick.

Pashmina is a fine trendiest fashion fabric of this modern era. Pashmina wool, also known as the softest, most luxurious and the best pashm wool in the world.The elegance of pashmina is unmatched. Combine the beauty of ashmina with the warmth it provides, and there can be no better choice for an outerwear. It is a strong yet supple, lightweight and luxurious wrap for evening and daytime wear.

Nepal is also known for its finely woven pashmina products, pashmina is an indigenous and unique product of Nepal. Pashmina is hand-made from the wool sheared off from mountain goats that are found in the Himalayan regions.

Now the pashmina is considered as the royal luxury and is being offered in wide variety of pashmina shawl, pashmina stole, pashmina scarve and pashmina sweater. These luxurious pashmina shawl is hand woven by traditional weavers whose families have been in the occupation since ages and they inherit this art from their ancestors, and tradition of this art continues from one generation to another generation. Himalayan Mart presents pashmina shawl, pashmina stole, pashmina scarve, pashmin sweater, pashmina blanket in pure pashmina wool and in Silk-pashmina in all possible colors, in plain, with embroidery work, bead work and in printed.

Increasingly sought-after by stylish women of all ages who recognize the elegance of these pashmina products- a well-chosen Pashmina can transform the simplest attire into the most chic ensemble - and appreciate their practicality and versatility as a muffler, coat, blanket, socksMost department stores and designers retail scarves woven from 100 percent genuine fiber or blended with silk. But beware of fake "ordinary wool" garments masquerading as pashmina on sale in less reputable shops.This luxurious pashmina ccan also be purchased on the internet through

A pashmina is worn close to the face and the color must suit each persons skin tone". The colors of pashmina that are particularly fashionable this season are shades of purple; from pale lilac to a deep violet shade of prune. Pashmina trends this year are slightly ethnic embrodiery and pleats. Due to the timeless and seasonless versatility of the pashmina, many women opt for a classic color that can be worn season after season, perennial favorites include pink-pale shades through to bright fuchsia-butter yellow, white and, of course, jet black. It takes the wool from four and over 200 man-hours (spinning, weaving, dying and decorating,) to make just one pashmina shawl. Hand-spinning the wool for a single pashmina takes 15 days, so naturally the labor-intensive production is reflected in the price.

We have got huge collection of pashmina shawls, pashmina mufflers, pashmina scarves and pashmina stoles which are made some from pure pashmina wool and some from mixture of Silk-pashmina in all possible colors, in plain, with embroidery work, bead work and in printed. Pure pashmina sweaters are also available. Here is the brief inftroduction of each pashmina item like: pashmina shawl, pashmina stole, pashmina sweater, pashmina muffler, pashmina scarf .

We also have wholesale option if you want these products in bulk. Please refer our "Wholesale Buyers" or “Order By Demand” section for detail or call us at 977-1-5547819 or Fax us at 977-1-5545657 or mail us at

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