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thanka or thangka

Sarvanivarna Vishkambhin Bodhisattva is also a celebrated Bodhisattva mentioned in the Guna Karandavyuha sutra who effaces all the sins of the devotees.

Bodhisattva Sarvanivarna Vishkambhin is either blue or white in colour. Bodhisattva Sarvanivarna Vishkambhin displays the Bhumisparsa mudra with his left hand and Santikaran mudra with his right hand (thumb and index finger being joined to form a loop).

In some instances he is also described as blue in colour. He holds a sword with his right hand and holds the banner marked with a Visvavajra in his left hand.

In Gunakarandavyuha sutra, it says that when Buddha Shakyamuni was about to give a discourse on this sutra, he sat in an ecstatic samadhi called Sarvasansodhana i.e. the purifier of everything. Golden rays of light illuminating the whole province were seen originating from some unknown region in that place. At that time Bodhisattva Sarvanivarana was also present there. He was struck by that and asked the reason. Buddha Shakyamuni told him that Lord Avalokiteshvara was preaching for the sinners of Avici Hell and the rays, after purifying the sinners, were to come there to tame the ignorant and evil doers. Thereafter, at the request of Bodhisattva Sarvanivama, Lord Buddha performed many other discourse sessions over the grandeur of Avalokiteshvara and his philanthropic activities which are described in the Guna Karandavyuha sutra.

The Swayambhu legend states that Great Odiayana Acarya from Kapilavastu came to Kathmandu to pay homage to Lord Swayambhu. He once sat in meditation on the southern mountain with a view to obtain great eight powers (skt. astasiddhi). He then performed a fire puja or yajna where he sacrificed live fishes (skt. Matsya ahuti). Pleased with this act of sacrifice, Kamadhenu cow blessed him and predicted that he would gain eight great powers in the near future. At this Lord Avalokiteshvara in his Sukhavati heaven understood that Odiyana Acarya was performing non-virtuous action due to his ignorance. In order to stop this act he called Bodhisattva Viskambhin and told him to go to the place where Odiyana Acarya was meditating. Bodhisattva Viskambhin thus stopped him from his wrong-doing and blessed him with eight great powers. Then Great Odiayana Acarya performed other austerities and sadhanas dedicated to Akasha yogini according to the instruction of Bodhisattva Vishkambhin. Later on Bodhisattva Vishkambhin issued a stream of light into a boulder and Odiyana Acarya continued to pay homage to this sacred boulder as the emanation of Bodhisattva Vishkambhin. This boulder exists still near Pharping and called Phanikeshar Vitaraga.

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