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 About Singing Bowl

Singing bowl is a Tibetan Buddhist meditation device. Singing bowl is used to clear the air and settle the mind. Singing bowl awaken a beautiful and powerful mystery . . .They produce the sacred sound of AUM Their rich sonic vibrations alter space, mind, and time. Singing bowls sing with a complex harmonic. Singing bowls are used for meditation and for following the Yoga of Sound. The sound and music of the singing bowls awakens cellular memory and permeates the aura with healing energy. The singing bowl is traditionally used as a special offering bowl in a Buddhist altar containing barley, flower or rice, water, and butter with a wick placed in the center to create a butter lamp.

Singing bowls have a magical aliveness, and they interact in distinct ways with different people and environments when played. Handcrafted by different makers, each bowl has a unique voice. Comprised of the seven metals representing different planetary influences:

Gold = the sun
Silver = the moon
Mercury = Mercury
Copper = Venus
Iron = Mars
Tin = Jupiter
Lead = Saturn

Together these metals produce a profound sound which can penetrate deep within the body and mind creating a subtle healing. Though specific historical records are absent, the metalurigical techniques necessary for making the bowls existed in Asia as early as 2500 years ago. Bowls may be made to 'sing', or  struck like a gong. When struck or rung, a complex harmonic tone (the third and fifth note of an octave) is produced. Larger bowls sing at a lower octave. Now a days boiwls are made from an alloy of metals: first cast, and then hammered into shape. Due to its amazing sonorous properties singing bowl has become not just a musical instrument, but rather singing bowl is a practical tool of letting go in the practice of meditation.

A singing bowl is classified as a 'standing bell.' This type of instrument has been made for centuries throughout Asia . Bells have been used in cultures around the world as a primary instrument for ritual and meditation. While most bells are suspended, singing bowls are uniquely configured to stand.

Singing bowls are enjoyed the world over for meditation, music, and healing. High quality antique singing bowls produce a complex chord of warm tones and multiple harmonic tones. The multiphonic tones are beautiful and beneficial to our health.

Singing bowl may have been made in Tibet , Nepal , Bhutan , or India . Most other Buddhist cultures created similar instruments. Standing bells exist from Japan , Korea , China , and Burma . Singing bowl produce the warmth and purity of tone that is known throughout the world as an offering of peace and compassion. Today, singing bowls are most often used as meditation aids. However, anyone can benefit from the relaxing, soothing effects of the sounds produced. Many people are also mysteriously drawn to the sounds and find them fascinating regardless of any spiritual connections.

For more detail about Singing Bowls : Please review Singing Bowl Artical by Frank Perry : CLICK HERE

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