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Stone Sculptures Statues Carving Art Of Nepal

Nepal is famous for ites stone sculpture statues carving art. Stone sculpture Statues carving art in Nepal dates to centuries back. Most of the stone sculpture art and architecture in the Kathmandu Valley, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur was created by the Newars, one of the many ethnic groups in Nepal. Predominantly Newari artists were renowned throughout Asia for the high quality of their stone sculpture statues carving art. Now a days Tamangs and even the Brahmins and Chettris are working as stone carvers in Patan. Both China and Tibet imported art and artists from Nepal to adorn their temples, monasteries, and homes, spreading Nepalese style far beyond the country's borders.

Stone Sculpture Nepal


History of stone sculpture art work in Nepal were long way back, hundred of years ago The survival of the oldest stone sculpture art in the Nepal indicates that stone sculpting was among the first art forms to have developed in the Nepal. The history of Nepal is told by stone sculpture. Few manuscripts have survived, the oral tradition fails to identify the nation's ancient culture, wooden images beyond the seventeenth century have mostly rotted away and metal work barely reaches the tenth century. So for scholars and for those seeking an insight into Nepalese minds, stone tells the clearest stories. There was time when stone art was waning. Particularly after the fall of the Mallas, there was no real demand, but now stone carvers are busy again


Stone sculpture is seen everywhere in Kathmandu vallery. If one visits the historical sites of the Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, one can see and appreciate the many stone sculptures of deities, animals, serpents, people, bells, water fountains, vessels, dwarfs, and Garudas (mythical half-bird half-human creatures) that were made during the Malla era. It is the Nepalese people themselves who have fueled the growth of this form stone sculpture art. Stone Carvers are used to working with traditional themes and images. Deities, serpents, yogis, oxen, lions, and the Buddha are some of the images that they work mostly Now a days. Nearly all-Nepalese stone sculptures are of a religious character. It seems that the artists themselves were greatly imbued with a feeling of religious devotion.

The stone Buddhas from Nepal are sculpted from a harder grey stone found in the Kathmandu valley. Many of these Nepalese Buddhas statues are Sakyamuni Buddha , sage of the Shakya clan. These are often very detailed carvings with intricate robes, auspicious symbols, dragons, & inscribed at the base with the prayer mantra of Chenzrig . It is said that one who recites this mantra will be saved from all dangers.

Himalayan Mart is an only online shop for stone statues in Nepal who is trying to preserve the long tradition of stone carving and expose these extreme cultural heritage of Nepal. Our collection of stone statues are hand made by local craftsmen in Patan and sculpted from a harder grey stone found in the Kathmandu Vallery. All the stone statue in our collectionThese statues are hand carved, and hand finished with the same tools and techniques used for hundreds of years by generations of craftsmen.


Our online collection of Buddha Stone Statues represent the benovolence and kindness exemplified by the great teacher Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Buddha statues flawlessly carved in Statue. Contemporary Nepali artisan draw inspiration from Buddha images. All of these buddha stone carvings statues are currently available for purchase. These stone statues are the perfect examples of stone sculpture in Nepal.

Shakyamuni Buddha Stone Statue Shakyamuni Buddha Stone Statue
Buddha Statues were shown in various poses and forms incluing this popular lotus position. Made of solid cast stone. Made of Stone and carved with perfection, this Lord Buddha Statues in generous posture has intricate designs that make it a priceless item.
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Bodhisattva means awakening or enlightenment Bodhisattvas are equally powerful and equally beneficial to countless beings Here we have rich variety of Bodhisattva stone statues in our collection for sale. These stone statues are the perfect examples of stone sculpture in Nepal.

Manjushri Stone Statue

White Tara Stone Statue

Manjushree is also one of the forms of Bodhisatwas and he symbolizes wisdom. The Goddess Tara is the female personification of compassion. Beautiful Carved Stone Statue
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We have wide collection of hindu god and goddess stone statues. All these Hindu God and Goddess Stone statues are wonderfuly carved used for worship and can alos be decoration piece.These stone statues are the perfect examples of stone sculpture in Nepal.

Ganesh Stone Statue

Saraswati Stone Statue

Sri Ganesha, the deity to which the Hindu pray before starting any new task. Saraswati is a Hindu goddess of learning. She is the goddess of speech .
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