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thanka or thangka

The Protector Takkiraja is the guardian deity in the south-east corner.Takkiraja is blue in colour, his three faces are blue, white and red in colour. Takkiraja holds a blue staff, a sword, a jewel and a lotus

The name of Protector Takkiraja is mentioned in several strotras or hymns such as Mangalastava which is frequently recited by Nepalese Buddhists. In this stava the devotees make great petition to these deities to remove obstacles in the tendirections and aspire for peace and happiness. In Vajrahumkara mandala he is Vajrayaksha. He has six arms. His two principal
hands hold a pestle, an arrow and a sword. His left three hands hold a bell, a bow and a wheel..

As a legend goes, if one practices the sadhana of Vajrayaksha or Takkiraja then it eliminates disasters, subdues demons and ghosts. In Japanese Buddhist circles, it is believed that if one recites his mantra for seven times before eating, the eater can escape the danger of food poisoning.

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