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Vairocana Buddha is one of the five Tathagatas symbolizing all pervasive wisdom (skt. Suvisuddha dharma dhatu jnana) i.e. knowledge free from all kinds of obscuration. Vairocana Buddha is placed generally in the sanctum of the stupa. Sometimes vairocana buddha is placed between Akshobhya and Ratna Sambhava in the stupa. Vairocana buddha resides always in the Akanistha heaven.

Vairocana Buddha is white in color and his hands are held against his chest with the tips of thumb and forefinger of each hand joined displaying Bodhyanga mudra. Vairocana Buddha vehicle is a pair of lions symbolizing lions roar of dharmadhatujnana which terrifies all wrong views. He can be recognized through white disc or dharmacakra which cuts all wrong views.

Vairocana Buddha originates from the seed syllable Om placed on the orb of the moon. He also represents Rupa (form) of five aggregates. He is not a historical Buddha like Shakyamuni
Buddha. According to Dharmalakshana sect of Mahayana Buddhism he is considered to be Svabhavika-kaya of Shakyamuni Buddha. In some esoteric sect of Japan he is said to be the supreme lord of secret vehicle i.e. Mahavairocana.

When Vairocana Buddha is four faced and eight-armed he is addressed as Vajradhatu Buddha. According to Vajra-dhatumandala of Nispannayogavali, Vairocana is seated in Vajraparyanka and is white in color. His four faces are of white, yellow, red, and green color. He is eight-armed with his two hands holding a vajra and displaying dharmacakra mudra; the second pair shows dhyana mudra, third pair holds a rosary and an arrow and the last pair holds a discus and a bow.

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