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Vajradhatveshvari is said to be the consort of Buddha Ratna Sambhava. Vajradhatveshvari is the same in essence as Buddha Ratna Sambhava. Vajradhatveshvari is the embodiment of emptiness or the space element. She is yellow in colour. She is surrounded by the four Prajnas i.e. Locana, Mamaki, Pandara and Tara.

Vajradhatveshvari as described in the Pancakara of Advayavajra Samgraha resembles Tathagata Vajrasattva. She has various forms: two armed, six armed and eight armed. Her two arm form is described as follows:

Vajradhatveshvari is seated in Lalita asana. In her right hand she displays varada mudra with the stalk of a lotus supporting a jewel and in her left hand she displays a vitarka mudra with the stalk of a lulus supporting a jewel.

Because of her role as the embodiment of Tathata or Prajnaparamita she is also called Nairatma, Vajravarahi and Jnanadakini. In Sadhanamala she is identified with six headed and twelve armed Marici whose lord is Vairocana.

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