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thanka or thangka

Vighnantaka presides over the northern direction and Vighnantaka one of the most popular wrathful deities in the Nepalese pantheon. Vighnantaka has different forms too. In his two arm form he stands in the Pratyalidha attitude, one face being blue in colour. He carries the Tarjanipasa in his left hand and vajra in his right hand. His appearance is ferocious, his brown hair rises straight upwards.

In his six arm form he carries a Kartri and a kapala with his two principal hands and a Damaru and a goad in his right hands with a noose and a trident in the left hand. He is green in colour. He has three faces showing green, white and red colour. His two principal hands hold his prajna as usual. In some figures lord Vighnantaka is seen trampling heavily on Ganesa, Lord of obstacles. How Lord Vighnantaka subdued Ganesh is narrated in Swayambhu legend as follows.

Once Odiyana Acarya, a great Pandita, after receiving his eight great power (skt. astasiddhi) came to Kachchapal mountain near Chovar in order to meditate. He sat on the hide of an elephant and invoked all the deities (33 crores) with the exception of Ganesh, who resides in the nearby mountain. Ganesh was surprised to see a multitude of divinities gathering there near his residence. On investigation he found that. Odiyana Acarya was practicing austerities inviting all the deities. On knowing this he was furious and ordered his retinue consisting
of Putans, Kataputans, asuras, aquatic animals and others to create obstacles in his austerities. he attack of Ganesh’s retinue was quite effective. Odiyana Acarya felt quite helpless and hence invoked Lord Vighnantaka, the great destroyer of obstacles. Lord Vighnantaka instantly appeared in his terrific six-armed form and vanquished the army of Ganesh and his retinue. After subduing Ganesh he instructed Odiyana Acarya that, he should perform the offering first to Ganesh the king of obstacles, in order to be successful in any effort. Thus Nepalese
people started offering to Ganesh in the first place before observing any auspicious occasions, any social or religious rituals or business enterprise, in order to ensure success.

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