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Tingshaw : Tingsha Bell : Ceremonial Bell in Tibetan Buddhist Prayers

Tingshaw are ceremonial bells used in Tibetan prayers and practices. Tingshaw (Cymbals) are made from alloy of five or seven different metals, like Singing Bowls. Like Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tingshaw is a ritual artifact used by Buddhist Monks as well is in Shamanist traditions. Made of high quality bell metal, Tingshaw (Cymbals) are perfect for meditation, healing, ritual, space cleaning or musical practice. They also offer a soothing sound to announce the end of Savasana. Tingsha Bells are used to mark the beginning and the end of meditation. They come in matched pairs, held together by a leather cord. The two cymbals are joined by a thong and upon striking them together they can resonate with their incredible sound for up to 30 seconds. Made of five or seven precious metals they are adorned with the mantra of Chenrezig, the Lord of Compassion -- OM MANI PADME HUM. These tingshaw have a brilliant, vivid sound. The small cymbals make a higher/finer pitch sound and the large emit a deeper/louder resonance. As with the Singing Bowl, the Tingsha creates a meditative vibration but is more commonly used for calling one forth into the here and now. The striking sound of the Tingsha has the ability to call one forth as well as clearing any disturbing energies in the moment. The Tingsha brings clarity and spaciousness to any space. Ceremonially, a Tingsha can be used to represent the beginning, ending or transition within a ceremony. Many Yoga instructors use Tingshas coming out of Shivasana or the "meditation" part of the class. Tingshaws are engraved with the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism which are said to bring good fortune.


Ting - sha have been used since ancient times in Nepal for traditional musical instrument used for functions like for praying, singing, chanting, meditation, festival celebration etc by various religion. Tingshaws have long been used for ritual purposes by Buddhist Monks, nuns, yogis and yoginis. When the two pieces strike each other they produce a clear, pure, cleansing sound which can be used to focus the mind before and after meditation. "The Tibetan term ting refers to the ringing sound of metal, to the cadence of a musical note or to the small, silver, bronze or bell metal offering bowls placed on a Buddhist altar. The term sha means 'hanging' or 'suspended.' The word ting-sha may thus be taken to mean either hanging bell metal or a sustained musical note." Tingshaws are also for clearing space, and the healing and balancing of auric fields. Strike the hand cymbals together and a beautiful, clear, high not will rise from them to hang in the air and create an extraordinary stillness. The scintillation tone of the ting-sha instantly strikes a resonance within the human heart. The sound of tingshaws is like a summons and produces soothing musical sound. The distinguishing feature of ting-sha is that they are cast from bell metal, an amalgam of five or seven metals, which produce the enduring and harmonic resonance. When they are suspended horizontally and struck together, a delightful, oscillating wave of sound seems to pass between them as they reverberate at a high frequency, creating an impressive symphony of haunting sounds. The pure, ringing tones create an opening in reality, and are said to "fill" emptiness.

Outside Tibetan Buddhism, shamanic use of Tingshaws also includes clearing space of negative energies and healing or balancing auric fields. They are also used to define the beginning and the end of a period of meditation.


We Offer Tibetan Tingshaw Bells in different sizes and price range. Tingshaw Bells we offer are of great quality at reasonable price. The fascinating and mystical ritual Tibetan Tingshaw Bells are important in Buddhist religion. The Tibetan Tingshaw Bells we offer are decorated with beautiful designs and produces perfect sound. Though simple yet great Tibetan Tingshaw Bells at reasonable price are available in our stock. The Tingshaw Bells are monastic ritual standard, made from alloy of five or seven different metals and can be found carved or simple and plain design. Perfect sound and excellent quality ritual item. Since sound is the primary concern so to be a good Tingshaw Bell it has to produce perfect sound and therefore all our Tingshaw Bells are selected and tested for a perfect sound and quality. Our Tibetan Tingshaw Bells are shipped within 12 hours of order received through DHL and reached to the customer within 5 to 6 business days after it is shipped. We offer Tingshaw Bells Wholesale Option. Please Contact Us for detail.

This Tibetan Tingshaw Bell is selected for their superior sound and quality. It has Mantra in scripted on it. Attached with thong this Tingshaw Bell is tested for its sound and quality. It has simple but attractive design. The mantra printed on the bells adds more beauty to this Tingshaw Bells.
Name : Copper Alloy and Thong Weight : 542 grams
Material : Alloy of Metals Price : US $ 50.00
Diameter : 3.4"
This Tibetan Tingshaw Bell is selected for their superior sound and quality. It has quite attractive design. Attached with thong this Tingshaw Bell is tested for its sound and quality. The attractive design on the bells adds more beauty to this Tingshaw Bells.
Name : Tingshaw Bell Weight : 642 grams
Material : Copper Ally and Thong Price : US $ 116.67
Diameter : 3.5"
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