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thanka or thangka

In this section we have included the journals related in Buddhism, Buddhist Arts and Culture written by scholars. This journals will provide the characterstics of buddhism and its form. All the thes Journals l isted here on Buddhism, Buddhist art and Buddhist culture in this collection are are collected from Buddhist Channel. If you have any Journals related to Buddhism, Buddhist Arts and Buddhist Culture. Then please mail us at

In a love with Buddha
When Lamas dance wearing deities' mask to ward off evil in Gangtok
Buddhism infuses jazz-folk blend
Budhhist Grammy nominee enthralls music lovers with his chants
'Festival of Tibet ' and '4th International Festival of Films on Peace and Human Rights'
Ani Tsering Wangmo, singing tunes to sacred Buddhist music.
Buddhist bites
Art for the spirit
Artist embraces Buddhism through art
Tokyo National Museum shows Buddhist masterpieces
Buddha's head a constant source of inspiration
Art Exhibit Focuses On Dalai Lama To Inspire Peace
A festival of diverse Buddhist cultures
What The Buddha Saw
Cumbrians stage Buddhist Himalaya
Buddhist Mandalas
The Enlightened One: Buddhist Art in the Israel Museum Collection
The zen of photography
Lessons of life

The Dalai Museum: Gaze navelly, paint globally

The Dalai Lama's Many Auras, at the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles
New Home for Hwajeong Museum
To a tea: Aged Japanese teapots
Buddhist Fellowship stages musical ahead of Vesak Day
Buddhist ritual performed at Catholic cathedral compound
Everything's illuminated in South Korea
Saving the wooden Buddha
Dance fuses east and west
Treasures of Tendai
'New Buddhist Art From China´ opening at Connecticut College
The look of impermanence
The splendor of Tendai art
Explore The Many Forms Of Buddha At The Met
Hidden Buddhist Arts Topic Of March 20 Talk By CU-Boulder Professor Ronald Bernier
Exhibition of Buddhist and Oriental Belief: 'The Circle Of Life' and 10 Contemporary Hanoi Artists
Buddha comes to the Galilee
'Journey to the Buddha' lovely, slow-paced
Buddha's story cleverly lets puppets be the figures of speech
Puppet master Kawamoto brings Nara period tale to life
Carving Buddhist Teachings on Wood
India gifts Buddhist sites' photographs to China
Buddhist art reaches Seoul
Indian Buddhist Art Emphasizes Close Ties
Thankas: Scroll-Paintings Evoking Peace
Important Buddhist manuscript revealed at i4uuu
Photo show displays ancient Japanese monk's pilgrimage
India's National Museum to showcase Buddha in Seoul
Fabricating impressions
Painted with a prayer
The Chain - Focal Point Gallery Exhibition
Thai monk with artistic touch
When the Lamas danced in Khampagar monastery
Glory in mind, Chinese monks restart a Buddhist musical odyssey
Nepali, Buddhist art finds home on York Street
Tsechu time in Bhutan
Tibetan Cultural Center hosts song lessons
Mandala Artist Losang Samten at Colby, October 11-15
Library showcases Buddhist art
An artistic welcome for the Dalai Lama
Devotional Arts of Nepal
Tibetan sacred art ceremony in DC to mark forthcoming Dalai Lama visit
Rare Tibetan artifact on display
The Buddha Prince" to be performed in Central Park and at the Theatre of the Riverside Church
Finding enlightenment
Ladakhis celebrating fortnight-long Ladakh festival
Find enlightenment at Dunhuang exhibition
Hands and Feet in Buddhist Art
Zen and the art of wood carving
Exhibit Explores Lost Kingdom of Siam
Eternal Presence: Buddhist Art
His Holiness is "a powerful figure in the world with a charisma", says Michael Palin
"Sounds of the Sacred" music festival to be held in Topanga, California
Tibet Festival of Compassion
Guinness dreams for largest sand art
Tenacity of Buddhism evidenced in ancient, modern exhibitions
Photographic journey of Buddha's life
Celebrating 100 years of Buddhism in Canada
The Art of Seeing
The Kingdom of Siam: The Art of Central Thailand, 1350-1800
The legend of Gomphu Kora
Muntilan craftsmen create 'ancient' Buddhist statues
Exhibition on monk?s works
Mystery, understanding flicker within Buddhist artworks from Sri Lanka at Stanford exhibition
Sacred Buddhist relics
i4uuu Collection Museum Debuts the Important Original Zen Buddhist Mumonkan Manuscript
Art collected by Dalai Lamas exhibited in US
Hoi An to exhibit Buddhist engravings
Dunhuang arts exhibition to be held in Taiwan
'Kingdom of Siam' reveals a culture absorbed with Buddha's path to perfection
Unique beauty of Buddhist art
Marks of Enlightenment, Traces of Devotion
Altgeld Art Museum houses treasures
Melodies from Japan
Tibetan artists remake their culture
At a Gallery in Lhasa, Tibet Joins Art World
Inspired by purity of the lotus
Touch of Tibetan history
Will Bennett profiles a piece of sculpture which survived Chinese occupation of Tibet
Chinese Buddhist sculptures see new light
Monastic reflections of an artist

Permanent photo exhibit of Buddhist art inaugurated

Nepal: Jungle boy's Buddha stunt
Thound Yer Old Tibetan Art Form in Southwest China Seeks new Lease of Life
Tibetan Clay Sculptures: Tshatsha
The Many Faces Of Buddha
Find Buddha In The Family
The Buddhist Mantra
Finding Buddha
Lesson Buddhism
Buddhist Begging Bowl
A Study of Traditional Vajrayana Buddhism of Nepal
Buddha Belly
Buddhist art reaches Seoul
Dramatic Buddhist sculpture
Famed sand sculptor carves snow Buddha in Japan
Incense Offers Glimpse of Traditional Life
Monks vow to continue revival of Buddhist arts
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