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thanka or thangka

In the Pancakara of Advayavajra Samgraha Locana is said to be originated from the seed syllable lom, white in complexion. Locana belongs to Tathagata kula. Her recognition symbol is a wheel. Locana is said to be Prajna of Vairocana. She is said to be similar in nature as Lord Vairocana. Locana is seated in Lalita asana and displays Varadamudra with her right hand. Her left palm is on the chest. From both the palms rise the stalks of lotus, supporting a Vajra.

In Hevajra Tantra and its commentary it is said that Locana, Mamaki, Pandara and Tara represent the four elements i.e. earth, water, fire and air. Locana has many forms, some peaceful and some wrathful. Locana can be found in two armed, six armed and eight armed as described in various mandalas. Her images are very rare. A magnificent image of Locana can be found in the Swayambhu Stupa. In the Gurumandala rite of Nepalese Buddhists Vajracharyas make offerings to the five Buddhas and their Prajnas.

The special characteristic of this deity is that those devotees engrossed in delusion acquire all pervasive wisdom through the sadhana of Buddha Vairocana and Locana. It is said that the essence of delusion is also dharmakaya which is free from thought constructs. So through the practice, delusion is transmuted into wisdom of all pervasive awareness. (skt. Suvisuddha dharmadhatu jnana).

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