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thanka or thangka

Mamaki is another important deity who is said to be originated from seed syllable, Mam. Mamaki is blue in colour. Mamaki is the embodiment of the water element. Mamaki belongs to vajra family and is the nature of hatred. Her recognition symbol is Vajra. Mamaki is the consort or Prajna of Buddha Akshobhya. Her another name is Dvesarati.

Mamaki resides in the south west corner. Mamaki too has many forms. She can be found in two armed, six armed, eight armed and twelve armed forms. In two armed form she is depicted holding a vajra with her right and her left hand resting on her thigh. In another case she is seen displaying varada mudra with her right hand and the stalk of an utpala with her left.

According to Tantric Buddhist symbolism of Newar Buddhist tradition there is a special ritual worship of Mamaki in the form of triad ritual objects (Newari: Anti, Khayakori and Thapin). The Newari word Anti is a special jar used for keeping fermented wine, Khayakori for Yoghurt and Thapin for keeping fermented beer.

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