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Nepal a country of amizing extremes, is the home of the world's highest mountains, historic cities and the forested plains whee he lordly igers and the great one - horned rhinoceros trundles at ease. In fact enchantment is everywhere-for anyone in search of Shangrila !. There is no seasonal constraint on traveling in and throught Nepal. Even in December and January, When the winter is at its severest, there are compensation bright sun and brilliant views.

HimalayanMart offers you the variety of Travel guide books about Nepal . Here is the list of Travel guide books about Nepal while you are planning trip to Nepal. It gives you insight view of topics such as language, food and entertaining, social customs, festivals, relationships and helpful business trips, as well as explanations of daily budget, daily sight and scenes which might confuse or even deter the visitor from a desire to learn and live with surrounding that are somtimes totally alien and uncomfortable. Here you will find the collection of Travel guide books on Nepal on wide range of topics. To place an order any Travel guide books about nepal you can mail us at or Fax us at : 977-01-5545657 or Contact Us. We will get it for you and put these Nepal travel guide books for online sale.

Insight Guides - Nepal, ed. Lisa Choegyal (1993, Houghton Mifflin, Boston) - Travel Guide Books
  A good introduction to Nepal with many beautiful photographs. Not a typical travel Guide. A fine Source of inspiration, but not particularly practical.
The Rough Guide to Nepal. (James McConnachie, David Reid) - Travel Guide Books
  Excellent Travelling Companion, great guide book. Describe in detai the good, the bad and the ugly of Nepal.

Travelers Tales - Nepal by Rajendra S. Khadka (Editor) - Travel Guide Books

  Stories and anecdotes by those who have lived in and visited Nepal, including Jimmy carter, Jeff Greenwals and Broughton Coburn.
Spectrum Guide to Nepal - Camerapix - Travel Guide Books
  A comprehensive guide to the country, its people, hitory and geography, featuring excellent maps and 200 color photographs.
Nepal Map - Nelles - Travel Guide Books
  A convenient double-sided map of Nepal at a scale of 1:500,000, with insets of Kathmandu City and Kathmandu Valley.
Footprint Nepal Handbook - Tom Woodhatch - Travel Guide Books
  A comact guide with detailed travel information on Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur and beyond.
Lonely planet Nepal - Lonely Planet - Bradley Mayhew - Travel Guide Books
  A comprehensive, practical guide book to Nepal.
Culture Shock ! Nepal: A Guide to Costoms and Etiquette - Jon Burbank - Travel Guide Books
  A complete fun-filled crash course on the "dos and don'ts" throught topics such as language, food and entetaining, social customs, festivals etc.
Follow Me! Kathmandu Bikes and Hikes - James Giambrone - Travel Guide Books
  This guide book features 24-well-crafted and easy to follow itineraries designed to show you the best of Kathmandu in a short time.
Guide to Enjoying Nepalese Festivals: An Introduction Survey of Religious Celebration in the Kathmandu Valley: Jim Goodman - Travel Guide Books
  This book surveys's 55 major festivals. The date, duration, location, activities and significance of each festival are given.
Kathmandu: Valley of the Green-Eyed Yellow Idol - Bob Gibbons and Sian Pritchard -Jones - Travel Guide Books
  This book is an excellent guidebook, but it is also quite unique in that it includes fascinating anecdotes and memories of interesting people and events gathered by author over a preiod of thirty years.
Rickshaw of the Gods Kathmandu Valley - Shenandoah Van Doah & Feliza Graye - Travel Guide Books
  An unusual but delightful collection of pithy aphorisms and observations about life in Kathmandu, each with handwritten script circumscribed and overlaid with carefree and lighthearted art.
White Water Nepal : Peter Knowles and David Allardice - Travel Guide Books
  Anyone who is seriously interested in rafting and kayaking, should get hold of White Water Nepal. It has detiled information on river trips, 60 maps, river profiles and hydrographs, plus advice on equipment and health.
Insight Guide Nepal - Zoe Ross - Travel Guide Books
A Balcony in Nepal Glimpses of a Himalayan Village - Sally Wendkos Olds - Travel Guide Books
  A Balcony in Nepal gives us a hearthwarming, compassionate view of Village, joyous festivals, and homelife though the eyes of two older women.
Foot Print Nepal Handbook : The Travel Guide - Tom Woodhactch
Moon Handbook Nepal (MOon Handbooks Nepal - Kerry Moran
  This handbook contain almost all the practical information a traveler might need for a short or extended trip to this beautiful land.
The Simple Guide To Nepal : Customs & Etiquette - Sunil Kumar Jha - Travel Guide Books
  All the abouve listed books is Nepal perfect travel guide books that you must read before comming to Nepal. If you want these Nepal Travel guide books mail us at or Fax us at 977-01-5545657 or Contact Us. We will get it for you and put you choice of Nepal travel guide book for online sale.
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