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thanka or thangka

Virupaksha is one of the four great kings who rules the first heaven of desire realm in the west. Virupaksha is the lord of Nagas. Virupaksha serves as the guardian of this Jambudvipa of the western direction.

Virupaksha body is red in colour. He shows a wrathful appearance. His right hand holds a spear of three points, his left fist rests on his knee. He can be recognized through the Caitya symbol in his left hand.

Virupaksha lives in the city of Sudarsana on the west of Sumeru mountain. His city is as beautiful as that of the three other kings. He leads immeasurable serpent deities i.e. nagas to protect Buddha dharma in the west.

Virupaksha leads besides the retinue of nagas, innumerable spirits of sun and moon and others. They are all responsible for the protection of the Buddha dharma. Devotees worship these four maharajas in a group.

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