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Welcome to the Buddhist Ritual Items Section of HimalayanMart.Com on - line gallery offers a broad selection of Buddhist Ritual Objects also known as Tibetan Ritual Items in wide range from the wonderful Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal with an emphasis on quality and a deep appreciation of the culture context from which these Buddhist Ritual Items come. We have put every effort to make the gallery interesting, informative and to provide wide range of Tibetan Ritual Items or Buddhist Ritual Items, not to mention an easy place in which to browse or buy. We aim to provide genuine Buddhist Ritual Items with best quality and design for reasonable price and we want to be absolutely sure the client's experience with HimalayanMart Buddhist Ritual Item is not just satisfactory, but genuinely pleasant and enriching as well. We take pride in our great selection of fine products, reasonable prices, wide varieties and customer service.

We offer wide range of Buddhist Ritual Items in our gallery. Buddhist Ritual Items we offer are selected for the quality and available in different varieties at reasonable price. Butter Lamps, Damaru (The Double Sided Drum), Kapala (The Skull Cup), Mala (Bead), Phurba (Ritual Dagger), Prayer Wheel, Tingshaw (Tibetan Cymbals), Vajra Ghanta, Tibetan Incense, Offering Scarves (Khata or Kata), Offering Bowls, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Bhumpa, Mandala, Singing Bowls, Stupas, etc. are found in in our gallery. All our Tibetan or Buddhist Ritual Objects and tools are consulted with lamas to make sure that our Tibetan or Buddhist Ritual Objects are authentic and of greatest benifit to the Dharma followers and practioners. Each of our items are checked and tested for the quality before selecting for final placement in our website. We accept retail order as well as wholesale order. Please refer to our "Wholesale" section for details. If you don't find the items that you are looking for in our web site please let us know.

We use the one of the most reliable and trusted shipping service available today, DHL. DHL is highly reputed for its quick and reliability service besides you can track your orders in the DHL website "" through which you will be able to track down the shipping states of your order. All our Buddhist Ritual Items are shipped within 12 hours of order received through DHL and reached to the customer within 5 to 6 business days after it is shipped. We also have Wholesale Option for our every Buddhist Ritual Item.

This Silver Polished Butter Lamp is a wonderful buter lamp is simple and disigned to hold it comfortably. This has very attractive design at the middle of the butter lamp which has been designed to look more beautiful and to hold it easily. The upper part of this Butter Lamp also has beautiful hand carving design.
Nama : Butter Lamp Weight : 150 grams
Material : White Metal Silver Polished Price : US $ 41.67
Height : 6"

This fascinating and mystical damaru is beautifully decorated with colorful silk tassel which looks extremely beautiful and produces perfect sound. This damaru is monastic ritual standard, made of red sandal wood with a silk brocade tassel and fringe. Easy to roll together to be packed in a silk brocade box for travel.

Nama : Damaru Weight : 300 grams
Material : Leather, wood and with long brocade slik tail Price : US $ 60.00
Diameter : 4.5"
This Kapala (The Skull Cup) is fashioned from the oval upper section of a human cranium. It serves as a libation vessel for a vast number of Vajrayana deities, mostly wrathful. Made from silver and 24 K pure gold this Kapala looks very beautiful and is perfect for any ritual work and it can also be used as show piece.
Name : Kapala Weight : 380 grams
Material Used : Pure Silver with 24 k pure gold reposed. Price : US$ 150.00
Height : 7.5"
Tibetan 10 mm Pure Sandal Wood Mala with 100% Cotton Tassel and beautiful yellow tassel is given to make it look more attratictive. The natural refreshing and soothing fragrance of the sandal wood beads will purifies your negative energy and bring positive energy. Great mala for both Meditaion and Yoga. It is believed to promote tranquility as an aid to meditation.
Name : Sandalwood Mala Weight : 100 grams
Material Used: Sandalwood Price : US $ 17.50
No.of Beads : 108 Beads
This unshaparned three side silver material Phurba has wonderful carving both on blade and handle as well which gives it a fabulous look. Made from silver with antique finish this ritual dagger features Mahakala in his angry position with human skull all around his heads and above of all there is a horse head on the top of the handle. The excellent carving makes this Phurba more beauty and is perfect for any kinds of ritual ceremony.
Nama : Phurba (Ritual Dagger) Weight : 250 grams
Material : Silver Price : US$ 226.67
Lenght : 6"
We are pleased to offer this handmade Hand Held Tibetan Prayer Wheel built according to traditional Tibetan Buddhist specifications. This Prayer Wheel has attractive look and is quite comfortable. The handle is cover with with the metal.
Name : Weight : 200 grams
Material : Price : US $ 20.00
Length : 8.5"
This Tibetan Tingshaw Bell is selected for their superior sound and quality. It has quite attractive design. Attached with thong this Tingshaw Bell is tested for its sound and quality. The attractive design on the bells adds more beauty to this Tingshaw Bells.
Name : Tingshaw Bell Weight : 642 grams
Material : Copper Ally and Thong Price :
Diameter : 3.5"
This Vajra Ghanta and wonderful carving all around the Ghanta produces great sound.
Name : Vajra Ghanta Weight :
Materials : Price :
Diameter :
8.5 Silver polished Bhumba , richly decorated warter jar important for both hindu and buddhist ritual.
Name : Silver Polished Bhumpa Weight : 500 grams
Materials : Silver Polished Price : US $ 83.33
Height : 8.5"
This Tibetan Incense is totally made by hand from highly flavoured aromatic herbs. The included herbs have a major medicinal role in the treatment of many contagious diseases, and also is importantly used for purificationof atmosphere. Helps concentration of mind.
Name : Himalayan Herbal Incense Weight : 400 grams
Material Used : Different Herbs Price :
Length : 10"
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This magnificient Manala Set is made of copper, silver with gold plated. This mandala set is not only useful for ritual ceremony but also can be used as decorative item.
Name : Mandala Set Weight : 400 grams
Material Used: Copper, Silver and Gold Plated. Price :
Height :
These beatutiful Offering Bowls are made from copper and has extremely fine hand carvings whch makes it more beautiful.
Nama : Copper Offering Bowls Weight : 450 grams
Material : Sandalwood, Leather, Silk Price : US $ 91.67
Diameter: 4"
Each of these roles is a string of cotton cotton Prayer Flags. These Prayer Flags are printed Wind Horse, Wind Horse with Stupa, Chepsum, Tara and Guru Rinpoche.
Name: Tibetan Prayer Flags Weight :
Material Used : Cotton and Paint Price :
Size :
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This is beautiful Stupa made from pure silver with the height of 9". It has beautiful hand carving designs.
Name : 9" Silver Stupa Weight : 500 grams
Material Used: Pure Silver Price : US $ 466.67
Height : 9"
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